The Good and The Bad

"As for the terms good and bad, they indicate nothing positive considered in themselves... For one and the same thing can at the same time be good, bad, and indifferent. For example, music is good to the melancholy, bad to mourners and indifferent to the dead" - Will Durant We live in a world of [...]


A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me what my definition of success was, I had no answer. I had no idea at all. I had heard other people asked the question, I thought I would have had an idea but I had fuck all. It stuck in my brain, like when you burn the roof [...]

On Tattooing and Trends

I began tattooing in 1998; a lot has changed since then. For the newcomers, these changes will never be self-evident. The world is interconnected in a way that must have been hard to imagine for Ed Hardy, or Sailor Jerry. When they made contact with Japan, could they have ever imagined this world in which [...]

Via De Leche

I was on a riverboat heading to Iquitos, an Amazonian city in Northern Peru, with two Argentines I had met on a bus in the middle of nowhere. I was on a mission to try ayahuasca. The boat would take four days to get to the mysterious city I had heard so much about on [...]