In June, a 25-year-old Mexican girl was raped and killed on the beach, in spitting distance from my tattoo shop. Within a few hours her name came out and people found out what her Instagram was. I looked at it and saw her smiling big with her backpack on, saying how excited she was to [...]

High Hopes

I'm going to be 40 next month. I head into that year with the hope that I can finally achieve some form of stability. Some sense of confidence in myself, I am confident in certain aspects of myself, but not in my ability to stay up.  There are things I'd like to have in my life. [...]

Tattooed Heart

Tattooed in the center of my chest is an anatomical sacred heart with the word WISDOM written across it. I got this when I was around 21. I was a Christian at the time, I became one in high school. I walked away from that faith not long after I got the tattoo and I [...]